Marc Iglesias, versatile photographer resident in Mataró (Barcelona, Spain)

In a world where photography has become generalized to unprecedented levels, it has also grown in number of people who offer themselves professionally. You have to master the technique, know the light and have the necessary equipment to solve any situation.

I am an honest and responsible person, and it is a privilege that all my clients are more than satisfied.

Years ago I had the dream of being able to live from my passion, and today I can thank that I have achieved it. What is done with affection and professionalism, is done well. It’s the reason why customers come back to trust me for their projects, and they continue to refer me.


Spanish (Barcelona, 1980) Marc is passionate about the art of photography.
As a child his father lent him a ‘Nikon FM’ and discovered the pleasure of observing, framing, measuring light, and … stopping time.

Microsoft systems engineer, his passion for the image leads him to take courses at the prestigious GrisArt School of Photography and at the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia, where he finishes a Master’s Degree in Fashion Photography.

Thus, he makes photographic books for musical artists like King-Der and Redness, as well as being responsible for photo shoots for designers such as Meritxell González (Migongo) and Alba Carrillo, and assistant in renowned Spanish brands such as Javier Simorra and TCN. It also covers international festivals such as the Barcelona Extreme Sports Festival and the Sziget Festival in Budapest.

In 2010 he joined the company Salvajes-Business as a web designer and photographer, being responsible for the graphic campaign of the theater play Salvajes, at the Teatro Llantiol in Barcelona, and the corporate and online presence of the production company. In 2011 he travels to Latin America for several months, and creates a blog to explain his adventures in written and photographic form. This experience is so enriching that he decides that his professional future will continue there, and in 2012 he moved to Medellín (Colombia) to work in Photography for more than 2 years, and there he meets her current wife. After the enriching experience, he returns to his country of origin.

In 2014 and 2015 he made one of his greatest achievements, being hired by Haute Couture designer Tina Olari, internationally known for creating the dress of Miss World winner Mireia Lalaguna. Some photographs were published in prestigious media (Webnovias), specialized blogs (QueChic) and even international websites (BristritaNews).

Marc currently resides in Mataró (Spain).

Finally, highlight that digital retouching is part of the profession; He dominates it and is the one who applies it to his photographs in a natural way. In addition to being the designer and creator of this website.

“Each image is a challenge; It’s fun.”